Housing View – December 1, 2017

On cross-country:

  • Europe’s central banks warn about bubbles critics say they helped create – Reuters
  • Conference on Housing, Household Debt and Policy – Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • Why Economists Love Property Taxes and You Don’t – Bloomberg
  • Risky business: when will the threat of natural disaster hit property prices? – Financial Times


On the US:

  • Millennials Want to Own Homes Too, If U.S. Economy Would Consent – Bloomberg
  • Alumni gather to discuss Affordable Housing Policy in the 21st Century – NYU Wagner
  • Mortgage Supply and Housing Rents – Harvard University
  • Unemployment and the Housing Market during the Great Recession – Stanford University
  • Houston Market: Impact of Harvey Strongest in the Resale Market; New Home Sales Should Surge in 2018 – Metrostudy
  • Affordable-Housing Industry Braces for GOP Tax Overhaul – Wall Street Journal


On other countries:

  • [Australia] What Is The Spread In The Cost Of Housing? – CoreLogic
  • [Brazil] Loan-to-value policy and housing finance: effects on constrained borrowers – Bank for International Settlements
  • [Canada] Bank of Canada accentuates risks from loose lending – Financial Times
  • [Canada] Government of Canada announces National Housing Strategy – CMHC
  • [Canada] Trudeau government’s new housing benefit seems to ignore regional differences – Fraser Institute
  • [Canada] City of Vancouver (finally) acknowledges importance of housing supply – Fraser Institute
  • [Canada] Curbing Mortgage Risk, Canada-Style – Roubini Global Economics
  • [Canada] Filtering—how markets, not national strategies, make housing affordable – Fraser Institute
  • [China] China housing inventory hits 4-year low on de-stocking success – Financial Times
  • [Germany] German residential property prices on the rise – Financial Times
  • [Hong Kong] IMF Says Hong Kong Property to Slow If Fed Delivers Rate Hikes – Bloomberg
  • [Sweden] Swedish central bank says mortgages top risk, wants govt action – Reuters
  • [Sweden] Sweden’s cooling housing market is a preview for others with low rates and property bubbles – Quartz
  • Sweden’s Housing Market May Be Facing a 10% Slump, S&P Warns – Bloomberg
  • [Sweden] Here Are Some Worrying Charts About Sweden’s Housing Market – Bloomberg
  • [Sweden] Swedish government set to give green light to tougher mortgage rules – Reuters
  • [United Kingdom] Reactions to Autumn Budget 2017: housing measures – BBC, Centre for Cities, Guardian, Inside Housing, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Reuters
  • [United Kingdom] House prices and the UK economy: Views of leading economists – Vox
  • [United Kingdom] London, Residential Market Outlook, Winter 2017 – Cluttons
  • [United Kingdom] Social housing models: past and future – London School of Economics
  • [United Kingdom] Priced out? Affordable Housing in England – Institute for Public Policy Research
  • [United Arab Emirates] UAE Residential Market Overview – October Results – Reidin



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