Housing View – July 28, 2017

On cross-country:

On the US:

  • Having Shed Young Workers, the Construction Industry Needs Change – BuildZoom
  • The Toughest Places to Build: Behind the Scenes of a Wall Street Journal Analysis – BuildZoom
  • Inventory Myth Busting: Why is Home Inventory So Low? – Trulia
  • Housing Prices: Highs and Lows – Conversable Economist
  • We’re Finally Building More Small Homes, but Construction Remains at Historically Low Levels – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • Housing Shortage: Where is the Undersupply of New Construction Worst? – Apartment List
  • Echoes of Rising Tuition in Students’ Borrowing, Educational Attainment, and Homeownership in Post-Recession America – Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • A promising new coalition looks to rewrite the politics of urban housing – Vox
  • Boosting Taxes for Boasting about Houses: Status Concerns in the Housing Market – TU Wien
  • Study: Tax subsidies like the mortgage interest deduction have ‘zero effect on homeownership’ – American Enterprise Institute
  • These four trends in rental housing have big implications for the growing affordable housing crisis – Urban Institute

On other countries:

  •  [Canada] Housing Market Assessment — CMHC

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