Housing View – July 17, 2017

On cross-country:

  • How Advanced Economies Tackle Housing Market Imbalances: Lessons for Canada – IMF
  • Confronting the Urban Housing Crisis in the Global South: Adequate, Secure, and Affordable Housing – World Resource Institute
  • Housing and the tax system: how large are the distortions in the euro area? – European Central Bank

On the US:

On other countries:

  •  [Australia] The Rise and Rise of Medium Density Housing – CoreLogic
  • [Canada] Macroprudential Tools at Work in Canada – IMF
  • [Ghana] Housing transformation and livelihood outcomes in Accra, Ghana – ScienceDirect
  • Israel Faces End of Decade-Long Housing Boom – Bloomberg
  • [Japan] The Reverse Mortgage Market in Japan and Its Challenges – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • [Norway] Chart of the Week: Norway’s Home-Price Boom – IMF
  • UK Residential Market Update – Knight Frank
  • [United Kingdom] English Housing Survey 2015 to 2016: potential for stock improvements – UK Gov

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