Housing View – July 10, 2017

On cross-country:

On the US:

On other countries:

  • Australian Housing ‘Bubble’ Fears Overblown, HSBC Economist Says – Bloomberg
  • [Canada] Rental Ownership Structure in Canada – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • [Canada] Ontario’s One Cylinder Economy: Housing in Toronto and Weak Business Investment – Fraser Institute
  • [Canada] Restrictive Land-Use Regulation: Strategies, Effects and Solutions – Frontier Centre for Public Policy
  • [China] Relationship between the Chinese housing and marriage markets – VoxDev
  • [China] The bubble dynamics of China’s housing boom – VoxDev
  • [Germany] Cheap credit not fuelling German real estate bubble for now- central banker – Reuters
  • [Norway] Are House Prices Overvalued in Norway? – IMF
  • [Switzerland] UBS and Credit Suisse cut back on domestic mortgages – Financial Times

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