Workshop on Global Labor Markets

IMF-OCP Policy Center-Brunel University

Workshop on Global Labor Markets

September 1-2, 2016, Paris



Biography of Participants


Thursday, September 1

9-9.15               Opening remarks:

Tao Zhang, Deputy Managing Director, IMF

Karim El Aynaoui, Managing Director, OCP Policy Center


Session 1:       Does Growth Create Jobs? Global and Regional Evidence

Chair: Prakash Loungani (IMF)

Background paper on Okun’s Law


9.15-10.30        Laurence Ball (Johns Hopkins University)

Does One Law Fit All? Okun’s Law in Advanced & Developing Economies (Draft Paper and Presentation)

Tayeb Ghazi (OCP Policy Center)

Okun’s Law: (Un)fit for Low-Income Countries?

Nathalie Gonzalez-Prieto (IMF)

What Lies Beneath: Okun’s Law in U.S. States (Draft and  Presentation)


10.30-10.45     Coffee break


10.45-12          Discussants:     Willi Semmler (New School for Social Research)

Ekkehard Ernst (ILO)

Francois Facchini (University of Paris 1)

Mai Dao (IMF)


12-1.30           Lunch


1.30-2             Karim El Aynaoui and Aomar Ibourk (OCP Policy Center)

                       Policy Lessons from Okun’s Law for Developing Countries


Session 2:      Jobs and Growth: The Role of Policies and Institutions

Chair: Jean-Bernard Chatelain (Paris School of Economics)


2-3                   Haje Schutte and Karen Wilson (OECD)

The Sustainable Development Goals as Business Opportunities

                        Aurelio Parisotto (ILO)

                        Decent Work for All: Parsing Goal 8 of the SDGs


3-3.15              Coffee break


3.15-4              Romain Duval (IMF)

Can Reform Waves Turn the Tide? Some Case Studies Using the Synthetic Control Method

Discussant: Nauro Campos (Brunel University)


4-4.45              Sebastian Weber (ECB)

Reassessing the Role of Labor Market Institutions for the Business Cycle

Discussant:    Mai Dao (IMF)


4.45-5.30         Giovanni Melina (IMF)

Sectoral Labor Mobility and Optimal Monetary Policy

Discussant:    Manasa Patnam (CREST-ENSAE)


Friday, September 2

Session 3:      Labor Flows: Mobility, Migration, Displacement

Chair: Nauro Campos (Brunel University)


9-9.45              Amine Ouazad (Ecole Polytechnique)

Job Displacement and Crime: Evidence from Danish Microdata

Discussant: Ahmed Tritah (Universite du Maine)


9.45-10.45       Alessandro Turrini (European Commission)

Labor Mobility and Labor Market Adjustment in the EU

Anda David (Agence Française de Développement)

Migration and Employment Interactions in a Crisis Context: The Case of Tunisia


10.45-11          Coffee break


11-11.30          Discussants:     Davide Furceri (IMF)

Nawal Zaaj (Higher Council of Scientific Research, Morocco)


11.30-12.15      Martin Kahanec (Central European University)

Free Movement of Workers within the EU


12.15-1.30       Lunch


Session 4:      Policy Priorities and Prospects for the EU

Chair: Nauro Campos (Brunel University)


1.30-2             Rodolphe Blavy (IMF, Europe Office)

An Overview of Developments and Policy Debates


2-2.30             Francesco Saraceno (OFCE-Sciences Po)

An Assessment of EU Fiscal Policy


2.30-3.15        Panel:        Alessandro Turrini (European Commission)

Willi Semmler (New School for Social Research)


3.15-3.30         Coffee break


Session 5:      The Design of Labor Market Institutions        

Chair: Ahmed Tritah (Universite du Maine)


Active Labor Market Policies

3.30-4.30         Bruno Crepon (ENSAE-CREST)

Active Labor Market Policies: A Review

Veronica Escudero (ILO)

Cross-Country Evidence of Active Labor Market Policies


Minimum Wages, Unemployment Insurance and Employment Protection Legislation

4.30-5.15         Sabina Dewan (JustJobs Network)

Ekkehard Ernst (ILO)

Romain Duval (IMF)



5.15-5.30         Laurence Ball (Johns Hopkins University)



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