House Prices in Malta

“After a period of downward correction in 2008-09, Malta’s housing market seems to have stabilized,” notes the latest IMF report on Malta. However, the report says that “One of the main risks facing core domestic banks relates to their exposure to the real estate sector. Around two thirds of loans extended by banks are secured with real estate collateral, and mortgages are one of the few segments of bank loans which have been increasing recently (unlike loans to NFCs). It is important to continue mitigating the risk of exposure concentration to the real estate sector by the application of a cautious collateral valuation and conservative loan-to-value ratios. There is also room to enhance the loan foreclosure process by advancing judicial reform. This risk can be exacerbated by the weak performance of the EU countries, generating negative spill-over effects on the Maltese economy and its financial sector. “

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