House Prices in Chile

“The increase in housing prices has been strong but standard indicators do not suggest significant misalignment with fundamentals,” according to latest IMF’s report on Chile. On real estate developments, the report says that “real estate activity (supply and demand) has been dynamic. While residential housing prices in aggregate do not suggest bubbles, these averages hide considerable variation and some regions have seen substantial price increases that could spill over to other parts of the country. One sign of incipient froth in the housing market is the jump in average loan-to-value ratios to above 85 percent since late 2011, as highlighted in recent central bank financial stability reports. Another issue is the above-mentioned worsening in construction companies’ financial strength. As for construction, while residential housing activity seems to be cooling off, commercial real estate (for which data are spotty) remains hot with a substantial amount of office space being completed in 2013-14.”

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