Global House Prices Still Showing Down Trend

  • Prices still falling in roughly half of 54 countries tracked around world
  • Brazil, Germany among countries seeing house prices rise
  • Within United States, housing picture varies considerably

House prices in the United States have started to pick up a little recently, but globally prices are still on a down trend, according to research by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Price trends vary widely between countries, with Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and Spain seeing the biggest falls in the past year and Brazil and Germany, substantial increases.

While overall the trend is mixed, there is no sign of an uptick in the global index of house prices, a weighted average of prices in 54 countries, according to our research. The index remained level during the second quarter of 2012—the latest quarter for which consistent data is available for a large group of countries—and the GDP-weighted index continued to decline. Continue reading here.

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