Overhaul Career and Technical Education

In an article for the Atlantic, Frederick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute links the problem of structural unemployment with the lack of quality job training/workforce development. He writes “economist Prakash Loungani of the International Monetary Fund has estimated that 25 percent of the unemployed are out of work today due to skill-job mismatches. Georgetown’s Harry Holzer has calculated that today’s unemployment rate of 9.1 percent would be nearer to 8 percent if a majority of these jobs were filled (…) Fact is, America’s community colleges, job training, and workforce development are a mess. Community colleges suck up nearly $36 billion in taxpayer subsidies to provide training of uncertain quality, retain a balky and inconvenient academic calendar, and frequently do a lousy job of linking their instruction to local workforce needs (…) it can be hard for workers seeking retraining to find convenient, cost-effective, high-quality options (..) Absent high-quality retraining, it’s easy for workers in dying industries to get stuck, for their skills to atrophy, and for their networks and work habits to erode.”

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